Hi, I'm Jason

Somatic Counselor and Bodyworker

It has been a long and winding road to come to where I am now. I believe that our learning doesn’t have to stop with school; if we practice awareness and pay attention, all of life can be a learning and growing experience. While I am a counselor, I am also a licensed physical therapist assistant, and licensed massage therapist. I learned the things taught in those respective schools, but that is just the surface of my experience and learning. 

about somatic counselor, Jason Gallaher

I have by no means mastered these lessons and still find myself tested regularly but with patience, practice, persistence and a bit of humor I find that I am able to create more space and return to a calm Center sooner than previously. I am no monk, I am no guru, and I do not have it all together all of the time. I fail regularly. Yet, understanding that these failures lead to more patience, more compassion and more understanding allows me a bit more ease with my shortcomings. This patience, compassion and understanding is what I will show up with in your sessions. I am continually working on becoming a better therapist, husband, father and human-being. 

Formal Education