Creating a safe space, we will work together so that you may explore not only your limitations and frustrations, but also new possibilities and greater degrees of freedom. There is already a negative stigma around seeing a therapist that can feel like a huge barrier to asking for help. Using a gentle and non-judgmental approach allows clients to relax into the idea that this is a normal feeling and that they are not alone in their issues. Having an ally with you, trained to listen deeply and compassionately, skilled in holding space, without judgment, in mindfulness has a transformative quality that cannot be underestimated.

Layered on top of that, the physical techniques used to calm and regulate the nervous system help create a greater sense of inner peace as well as a feeling of hope. Working from this space allows for more possibilities and options to create the life you desire. I will meet you where you are in your process. You will be seen and you will be heard. From a place of safety, when you are feeling ready, you will learn to let go. Physical and emotional letting go helps us remove obstacles that keep us from realizing our freedom. Working together in a creative and collaborative way we will move toward your goals in a supportive and nourishing  journey. 

Heavily based in the works of John Barnes Myofascial Release we will work together to reduce pain and restore mobility to help you return to the activities you enjoy. The collaborative and  somatic nature of this work will naturally increase awareness in your body, helping you to learn to move in new ways that feel good. This is not just something that is being done to you as in traditional massage. This is a learning experience for you and your body. Decreasing nervous system tension, fascial tension, and muscular tension allows for the body to move freely.

Learning to do this on your own will give you a sense of empowerment and command in your own life. In a safe setting you can and will explore inhabiting and moving your body in a way that feels good as well as learning to let go of holding patterns that no longer serve you. These gentle and powerful techniques never force yet reach deep into the body fostering the release of tension and relaxation.

Learning to let go and inhabit your body in this way can be a little scary for some people, that is why you will always be in charge. Whether you are looking for regular body maintenance or to decrease pain and return to proper functioning, together we will work to achieve your goals. 

Oftentimes in this type of bodywork as people are invited more and more to deeply inhabit their body, move into their restrictions and let go, memories and emotions may surface. This can be confusing and troublesome. It is important to stay with these feelings and let this processing happen, talking too much can take you out of the experience and shut down the process. Some people don’t feel like they need to talk, explore, and unpack the experience but I have noticed that the majority of people have this desire. To explore a new experience and dive into it helps people feel more supported and held. What this would look like is two separate appointments. The first being a bodywork session in person. The second session at a later time could be in person or virtual. This follow up session helps with the integration of the experience(s) as well as exploring new ground that was uncovered and any potential “aha” moments that may have happened. The benefit of doing this helps clients incorporate these new discoveries into their daily lives so they do not lose or bypass this wisdom from their body. 


Pricing Information

$120 for 60 Minute Session

$180 for 90 Minute Session

Offering sessions virtually or in-person with Boulder and Longmont locations.

Choose between somatic counseling, myofascial release or combine the two.